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In the last few years, the world went through a considerable change in its economic structure. As a result, it was believed that the prominence of MBA colleges specialising in unconventional areas like CSR and entrepreneurship will increase. However, if one goes by the statistics, Finance continues to hold its ground. Almost all competitive MBA colleges have not deterred from offering this age-old management specialisation.

Not only is the continued popularity of Finance true, there are those business schools that feel that this core area will always be important, as far as the management curriculum is concerned. The management experts from some of the best business schools believe that Finance is the base on which the entire economic ecosystem stands firmly. This is the reason that the top MBA colleges will continue to offer Finance, along with all its branches.

The major reason behind the increased need of business schools to offer Finance as a major discipline is that the economy today struggles to hold ground in a state of financial turmoil. Hence, we require recruits who have proper knowledge and deep understanding of how the markets as well as financial trends work. In such a scenario, people who have passed out of MBA colleges, with a specialisation in Finance, will definitely hold an advantageous position when it comes to the job market.

In addition to this, students studying Finance in today’s business schools have an added advantage of understanding the concepts better, in light of the 2008 world economic crisis. They have an opportunity to study, learn and better understand the various financial implications, factors that were completely underestimated in the past.

The fluctuations in the economic scenario in Euro zone have not affected the perception of employers with regards to the MBA colleges offering Finance as a specialisation. On the contrary, last year, six Euro zone business schools offering Finance were in the Top 20 list, and their positions have not changed this year as well.

According to the management experts, what has really worked for the Finance based business schools is their quality team of researchers and instructors, along with the impressive efforts dedicated towards the hiring process. Some of the most high paying financial jobs include Financial Strategy Planning, Corporate Controller, Credit Specialist, Investment Banker, Chief Financial Officer, Financial Analyst, Management Consultant, and the list is practically endless.

The Top 50 list of Finance based business schools has representations by 12 major global economies. The top 6 places are occupied by the UK and US, reflecting their continued economic status within the domain of global trade. Additionally, some of the Indian business schools have maintained a strong showing, occupying five major slots in the Top 50.